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Driving Test Nerves

To all those determined pupils who have their Driving Test on the horizon, we thought it was only right to mention the biggest obstacle when completing your Practical Driving Assessment (PDA)... NERVES!!

Unfortunately as instructors, that is the one thing we cannot control, or is it?...

It’s an instructors job to be a mentor and its the instructors job to give you all the tools and experience you need to become a safe and confident driver, so surely it’s the instructors job to say bye to those nerves?

Maybe saying good riddance is a tad over confident but we thought it was worth doing a little research and gathering some tips to help with those nerves in preparation for your test, so here goes...

1. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself! If you put yourself in the head space of ‘I must pass this test at all costs’ you are giving yourself extra pressure. You need to be asking yourself ‘How can I relax to pass this test?’ so it doesn't actually feel like you are on a test, allowing yourself to breathe and focus.

2. Breathing! This is a huge one. One of our instructors swears by this, and for many years has taught all pupils if you become extremely anxious, focus on your breathing. A useful tool is the ‘4, 7, 8’ method, which is basically breathe in for 4 seconds, hold for 7 and breathe out for 8. If you do this 3 times we guarantee you will feel relaxed. Try it now even at your desk/home/school and you will notice a difference. This comes in handy at the test centre, before your test or even at traffic lights if you can feel any anxiety building.

3. Take your nerves on by accepting them. Nerves can be positive. They tell the body to release adrenaline which helps keep you alert and focused. Use nerves to your advantage and they will increase your performance.

4. The last point to remember is that you shouldn't be taking your practical driving test unless your Instructor thinks you are capable of passing. The expert thinks you're ready. The expert thinks you're capable. Already you have a vote of confidence from someone who matters.

Hope this helps learners!! We aim 2 be the very best mentors we can be.

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