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*** COVID-19 ***

Updated: May 13, 2020

During this difficult time, it is important we keep you up-to-date regularly and act where necessary on the advice from the local and national government. In the midst of uncertainty and forever changing decisions, we thought it would be a good idea to give you all the information we have concerning learner drivers, the Department of Transport and of course our business activity here at aim2drive.

To clarify, the government acknowledged driving schools are to continue business as normal, with some changes in place. First and foremost, it is our priority to focus on the health and safety of our customers and instructors. Therefore, we have adapted our business accordingly, highlighting the extra precautions we have taken:

  • We ask all pupils to wash their hands before they begin a driving lesson/driving test.

  • Each car is equipped with sanitiser, please use.

  • Expect the interior to be washed, disinfected and sanitised between EVERY lesson. This will include; steering wheel, gear stick, door handles, handbrake, indicators and keys.

  • Gloves will be used at fuel stations.

We have restricted extra family members attending the lesson, one on one tuition only, sticking to local routes. We have experienced lots of changes beyond our control, including the cancellation of Driving Tests during April and May and the free keys2drive lesson until further notice. We are happy to announce that we have since seen further movements...


Media Release, published by The Department of Transport...

🚘Driving tests on the road to recovery🚘

As of Monday 18 May, we will start practical driving assessments for candidates who had their test cancelled due to COVID-19.

As promised, we are now getting in touch with all candidates who had their PDA cancelled to rebook their driving test at their closest centre. Those who had their test cancelled first (in March) will be the first to be contacted and offered a PDA.

Please continue to be patient until we call you to secure your booking – it's going to take us until the end of June to call every single candidate.

Here's what we're doing to help you get a test sooner:

✅45 new jobs created to manage additional tests.

✅a new temporary PDA only centre to open in Welshpool 7 days a week 7am-6pm by the end of June for up to 6 months.

✅DoTDirect PDA online booking will be available by the end of June, once all cancelled PDAs have been rebooked.

Thank you again for your understanding and cooperation during this time.

To all those pupils who experienced a PDA cancellation, sit tight and wait to be contacted by the DoT, your new test date is on it's way! Yay! Please continue to practice with a supervisor that lives in your household and make sure you read your handbook (thanks instructor Daz) It includes important information needed to pass your PDA.

For the latest information regarding PDAs, please keep checking:

We are continuing with one on one driving lessons, therefore if you need a refresher lesson PLEASE BOOK. Due to the recent changes, availability is limited and booking in advance is highly recommended. E: T: 0410 55 66 14

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