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5 things to look for when choosing a Driving School

Updated: Aug 5, 2018

Learning to drive is a huge leap into independence, requiring lots of practice and guidance to become a safe and confident driver. The learning process should be taken extremely seriously, you need the correct tools and mentoring in order to avoid a dangerous accident. When searching for an instructor, you should be looking for a professional that focuses completely on you and it is important you feel absolutely comfortable with them.

There are a lot of driving schools out there that are looking to make money quick and won’t effectively devote their time to you, causing you to spend more money than you need to. Here are a five pointers to look for when shopping for a driving school...

1. Who is your instructor? Are they certified? Make sure they are a registered driving school and carry an instructor’s licence (at all times), a working with children check card is another thing to look out for.

2. How good are they? An idea is to look at their pass rate, business awards, reviews, and referrals. This is usually found on their social media or website. If they don’t show any of this information I would question why.

3. Will you have consistency with your instructor? Building a relationship with the SAME instructor is important, so you feel a comfortable and confident learner driver.

4. Does the instructor provide flexibility? By this I mean availability: picking up and dropping off. Flexible learning options: have the choice of automatic and manual cars.

5. Does the school put money and time back into their business? Do they show evidence of updating their training? Additional Learning resources? Car quality? These are all factors that will add to your learning to drive experience.

1. Find out who is your instructor...How much experience do they have? Are they local people? Are they doing things by the book? It is law that an instructor must have an instructor’s licence and they carry it on them at all times. Surprisingly there are many driving schools out there that aren’t even a registered driving school, make sure you are learning with someone who is certified, don’t skip corners just because it’s cheap. A working with children check card is another thing to look out for, I understand that this is something that not all instructors have. It is absolutely necessary as anyone working with children under the age of 18 must have one; driving school pupils are in this category.

2. You simply have to visit their website page or social media to understand and get a feel for how many pupils they are passing on a regular basis. If you can’t find it there that is immediately alarming, a driving school who isn’t shouting from the roof tops their success and pass rate pride is possibly a driving school who isn’t getting passes.

3. Feeling comfortable whilst learning to drive is absolutely fundamental. This is possibly the first step into adulthood and independence and can be quite intimidating for some. The instructor should dedicate their whole time to you, without temper or sternness. You should receive supportive and friendly advice and feel safe in their company. Consistency with the same instructor and same car is vital for your driving development.

4. Having a driving school that can provide flexibility is something you need when learning to drive. Most families have extremely hectic lives and commitments so it is important that the instructor can pick up from school/work and drop off from home. It is also important that the instructors provide good working hours so they are available to fit your lessons in outside your regular commitments. Flexible learning options is an added bonus to look out for, it might be that you want to ultimately pass with a manual licence but struggle to jump in to it straight away. Having the option to begin with an automatic car and gradually progress into a manual car is a huge advantage, especially if they are exactly the same car model.

5. It is a good idea to check that the driving school is constantly investing money back into the business. This is not something that people always look for but is oh so important. Do they offer and include additional learning resources: progress sheets, images, lesson plans. Additional learning methods like free driving lessons are out there too. There’s great government schemes that they can apply for accreditation, they have to pass extra exams but this shows they are putting money and time back into the business and setting the standard at a higher level. What is the quality of the car like? Is it getting regularly serviced? Is it an old or new vehicle? Again all this is extra important as it absolutely impacts the quality of your driving lesson.

Finding a driving school can be a daunting process for not only you but your parents. I hope his information helps!

To enquire about lessons with aim2drive we have someone waiting for your call on the main enquiry line: 0410 55 66 14 or simply send us an email to:

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