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Less Lessons + More Tests = False Economy

OK let’s speak the truth and nothing but the truth... that’s what blogs are for hey?!

When it comes to learning to drive in WA the government kindly fund your first Practical Driving Assessment (PDA)! Winning! This does not happen in many countries so never undervalue it. This benefits our learners massively ESPECIALLY for those first time passes that we strive for at aim2drive. However, sadly for those that fail first time (which is very common when those pesky nerves get involved), from then on it’s a cost to the pupil of $81.40 per test, and will increase as of 1st July, 2019.

The first PDA is labelled an entitlement so firstly I want to point out: Its not a freebie to be wasted. It’s yours! YOUR ENTITLEMENT so own it. As a driving school we are noticing some pupils are preferring more tests and little lessons. Having repeated tests instead of lessons is not a good idea and eventually acts as a false economy; the meaning of this blog is to really make you think about the timing of your PDA and the most effective way of learning to drive when it comes to time and money.

DEFINITION: A false economy is an action that saves money at the beginning but which, over a longer period of time, results in more money being spent or wasted than being saved.

Lets look at student Bill:

Now let's look at student Ben:

The diagrams should state the obvious. Financially, it is assumed Ben would save money because he is taking the lesson cost away... This is not the case. Booking numerous tests (without lessons) over a long period of time really does add up ($$). I understand not everyone can acquire lessons because of commitments, supervisor drivers not available or financial reasons... if this is the case please don't jump into it too soon without experience. Be like Bill, wait until you can gain consistence practice and guidance and limit the amount of tests, changing your focus to becoming test ready first.

People have the theory that driving schools gain if the pupils keep failing their test as it results in more money for the instructors, this is NOT the case at aim2drive (we definitely wouldn’t be blogging about this subject). Our job satisfaction is seeing our pupils through to the end and obtaining their P Plates... but at the right time. Our business ethos is to aim for first time passes, stepping outside the box and training at a high standard in order to produce confident, safe and test ready drivers.

We as a driving school, can only act as a mentor and give you advice and hope you follow it.

So the big fat tips of the day are:

1. Please don’t waste your PDA entitlement.

2. Please don’t use the PDA’s as lessons.

3. Lessons are cheaper and worthwhile.... With a driving school or your supervisor driver, put the practice in, gain the experience.

We would like to acknowledge passing first time is hard, this is why we step outside the box to give you as many resources as we can to ensure you are test ready.

Good Luck Learners!

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